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with inputs from Staff Development Committee 17/11/2020

Financial Modeling Using Excel Workshop

In line with the identified skill set in the training needs analysis preferred by the staff of the Business Department, the Staff Development Committee conducted a workshop entitled “Financial Modeling Using Excel” on November 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy, lecturer of the Business Department, was invited to share his expertise on this area.

Mr. Joshi welcomed the participants and introduced the resource speaker. Dr. Anand presented one of the many uses of Excel relevant to business. Excel is a powerful tool in creating financial models to aid in management decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. Market data from fifteen top performing stocks from Tech and Pharmaceutical Industry and Nifty 50 index as market proxy was extracted from NSE.

The Capital Asset Pricing Model was used to analyzed whether the stocks are overvalued or undervalued. At the end of the session, a diversified portfolio was constructed factoring both systematic and unsystematic risk. The speaker has given practice sets to participants to work on and follow it through until the completion of the financial model.

Dr. Ramesh, HOS – Business Studies, delivered the closing remarks and thanked the resource speaker and the organizers. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to the speaker. Participants expressed an overwhelming gratitude for this learning opportunity and vowed to apply and integrate financial modeling in their research studies and respective courses whenever applicable.

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