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with inputs from Staff Development Committee 22/11/2020

Workshop on Curriculum Development and Review Framework

The importance of developing and designing a learner-centered curriculum and review framework was the theme of the workshop organized by the Staff Development Committee in collaboration with the Internal Curriculum Review Committee of the Business Department on November 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM.

The academic session was conducted through MS Teams and attended by the staff of the Business Department. Dr. Edukondala Rao Jetti, lecturer, delivered a cohesive presentation on the process of reviewing and revising the existing curriculum, evaluating and assessing context, content, methods, and assessment and involving stakeholders to meet the changing demands of the industry. Dr. Rao highlighted the importance of the Curriculum Development and Review Framework in providing a procedure for the University of Technology and Applied Science (UTAS) Colleges to evaluate the current curriculum and ensuring continued quality and relevant course offerings.

Scope of the Curriculum Development and Review Framework:

  • Vision and Mission of University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Graduate Attributes
  • Program Goal & Objectives
  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Program & Course Duration
  • Student Entry Requirements
  • Course Delivery Plan
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Program & Course Evaluation
  • Staffing & Other Resources

The session ended with a note on the responsibilities of the different stakeholders at each level of the academic community to ensure effective and engaged learning environment.

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