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Research Committee 07/02/2021

Case Development and Writing

The Research Committee in collaboration with the Staff Development Committee conducted a webinar on “Case Development and Writing” on 08 December 2020.

The resource person of the webinar was Prof. Bharathi S. Gopal, from ICFAI Business School, Bangalore, India. This webinar provided detailed information on case development and case writing. The speaker explained the importance of case studies in business management schools to foster learning among students. Prof. Bharathi S. Gopal also explained the critical points that need to be considered in the case writing process. She has also enlightened on the case study publication opportunities in the reputed publication houses at the international level.

Future opportunities for collaboration were also discussed in this session. Totally 26 participants joined the event from the Business Studies department of University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra, Oman.

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