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with inputs from OJT Department 24/09/2019

Job Search Technique Presentation and Training Orientation

On 17/9/19, OJT Department conducted an Orientation Program for the Eligible Fall 2019 OJT students at the Main Hall between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

A warm welcome was given by Ms. Aida Al Sabti, OJT Head of Department. She added the flavors of training and motivated the students to self-analyze their practical skills. This lead them to know about the need and importance of said ICT training. This was pursued with Job Search Technique presentation (CV Writing and Mock Interview) by Mr. Salim Said Al Rizeqi from Ooredoo, Muscat.

A lecture titled "Professionalism in the Preparation of a CV" in cooperation with the On-the-Job Training department was delivered by the trainer Mr. Salem Al-Zuriqi.

The positive and negative sides of team work, behavior task management and CV preparation were discussed in detail.The participants were really inspired by the presentation. During the interactive section Ms. Aida Ali Hilal Al-Sabti,Head of OJT department was so prudent to answer all the queries raised by the participants of various departments. This event was facilitated by Mr. Ibrahim, Dr.Nusrathullah, Dr.Sanjiv and Dr. Anilkumar.

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