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with inputs from Staff Development Committee 18/06/2020

Workshop on Quality Awareness

The Staff Development Committee of the IT Department in coordination with IQAC conducted a workshop on the title Quality Awareness Program on 16th June 2020 via MS Teams at 10 am.

The Resource person was Mr. Robin Rohit Vincent, IQAC. He briefed all the staff members about:

  1. ISAM
  2. Purpose of ISA
  3. Different stages of ISA
  4. Features of ISA
  5. Key ISA stages
  6. ISA Manual-Institutional Standards
  7. Features of Institutional Standards
  8. Expressing results
  9. Standards Ratings
  10. Accreditation process
  11. Dimensions of ADRI
  12. ADRI- why?
  13. Criterion Rating
  14. Standard Rating
  15. Determination of Accreditation outcome etc..

As a whole the workshop was more interactive, informative and effective.

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