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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 09/03/2020

Workshop on Mathematics using Apps, Software and IT Technology

The staff development committee of the IT Department conducted a workshop on the title Mathematics using Apps, software and IT technology on 5th March 2020 in IT302 at 2 pm.

The Resource person was Mr. Monro Dominise. He briefed all the staff members (Mathematics section of the IT department) about:

  • Math websites for teaching and learning.
  • GeoGebra System.
  • Classroom Resources.
  • GeoGebra Applets.
  • Learn CAS (Computer Algebra System) Calculator.
  • Comparison of GeoGebra Math Apps.
  • How to install CAS?
  • What is the GeoGebra Calculator?
  • Explore GeoGebra CAS calculator.
  • Demonstration: How to use CAS Calculator?
  • Demonstration: Photo Math.

As a whole the workshop was more interactive, informative and effective.

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