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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 10/02/2020

Risk Management Approach in Curriculum and Program Quality Improvement

The staff development committee of the IT Department conducted a workshop on the title ‘Risk Management Approach in Curriculum and Program Quality Improvement’ on 4th February 2020 in IT302 at 12 noon.

The Resource person was Mr. Prajith Udinookkaran. He briefed all the staff members about:

  • Objectives of the workshop.
    1. Awareness on Risk Management approach in Curriculum and Program improvement.
    2. Discuss the Risk Indicators for Programs and Courses.
    3. Develop the Mitigation Plans on Identified Risks.
  • Relevant Documents-OQF, OAAA, ISAM, CDRF.
  • Why Risk Management Approach?
  • How to Apply Risk Management in Curriculum and Program Quality Enhancement?
  • Risk Indicators for Programs
  • Risk Indicators for Courses
  • CDRF Requirements
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