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with inputs from Mr. D. Thomas 08/12/2019

ICT Staff Attend 'ACT IP DAY'

Al Musanna College of Technology (ACT) conducted a workshop titled "IP DAY" on 4th Dec, 2019 at ACT campus.

Three staff members from ICT namely, Dr. Salim Al Rashdi / Business Dept, Dr. G.Sivakumar / Engg Dept, Mr. K. Kumar / IT Dept attended the workshop. The keynote speaker was Ms. Fatma Al Ghazali from TRC who briefed the importance of research in HEIs.

Other Sessions include, “Role of patent in encouraging Innovation” by Dr. Saleh / SQU, "Copyrights and related rights" by Ms. Fahima Al Ghaly / Ministry of Justice, “Importance of teaching IP in HEIs by Dr. Aziza Al Qamashoui / ACT, “Patent search in different Databases” by Ms. Rawdha / ACT and “Patent Drafting & IC protection / Dr. Rasha Hamdy / Ministry of Commerce.

The speakers clarified many doubts on how to apply for patents, creators rights and other IP related application filing procedures. All sessions were useful and informative and take a lead towards IP awareness.

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