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with inputs from IT Student Society 28/10/2019

Community Outreach at Al Omran Private School

IT – Student Society along with Industrial Link Committee of the IT Department had organized an outreach program for Al Omran Private School in Ibra on 14 October 2019.

Three students namely Wafa Anbar Al – Alwi, Roqia Amer Al-Malki and Atharee Juma Al-Muqaimi form IT – Student Society did the presentation. The topic was on Mobile Misuse, its disadvantages and e – blackmailing. Around 35 students, from grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 attended and benefited from the program. The children thoroughly enjoyed and learned about social issues that can arise from mobile misuse.

Mr. Vimal Kumar Stephen of the Industrial Link Committee accompanied the students. Ms. Zaina Rashid Salim Al-Jufaili, coordinator of IT – Student Society, was very instrumental in motivating and guiding the students in the run up to the program.

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