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with inputs from IT Society and Industrial Link Committee 20/11/2019

Community Service at Al-Wafa Social Center

IT society and Industrial Link Committee of IT- ICT decided to repeat its visit to the Al-Wafa Social Center for special needs on the date of 19/11/2019.

The members of the society have put forward many ideas for the success of this work from recreational competitions while others selected a series of competitions and activities suitable for the children. Also, teachers from the Department of Information Technology brought gifts for children to bring joy and delight in their hearts and they also did not forget to bring gifts for the staff of Al-Wafa Social Center which are symbolic gifts to thank them for their efforts to the children of the centre.

The visit commenced from the college at 8:30 and when we arrived at the centre we were happily welcomed by the supervisors of the centre. We were escorted to a large, spacious hall to begin our activities. The members and teachers have well prepared the hall for the event. The event started with magnificence and the introducer of the event was Ms. Majda Al Harthy. She has a fun soul and the kids loved her and many of them participated in the play and enjoyed. We finished our activity by distributing gifts to the children. We returned to the College with our hearts are fluttering of the happiness that flooded them. We ask God for conciliation.

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