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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 18/02/2020

Al Omran Private School Community Outreach Program

Al Omran Private School requested ICT, to upgrade their school computer laboratory’s Laptops (20 Nos.).

Acting upon the request, in collaboration with IT-TAC and Industrial Link committee of IT Department, five students form ICT, IT Department who were doing their OJT in IT-TAC and trained by IT-TAC went to the school on 29/01/2020 to upgrade all their laptops. The school management rendered their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the students who helped in the process.

The service was done free of cost as a good will gesture from Ibra college of technology. It is also worth noting that IT-TAC has provided its first of the kind, onsite service for a customer, which helped the students understand the difficulties faced on-site when attending issues.

The students who were involved are Asaad Al-Saadi, Salima Rashid Al-Hashmi, Maryam Ali Al-Habsi, Amal Said Al-Rashdi, and Intisar Nasser Al-Wardi.

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