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with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio 13/05/2020

ETC Goes Online Training/Courses

Amidst the global crisis on Covid 19 pandemic, educational institutions tried their best to manage the disruptions on academic activities by implementing online education and work at home procedures.

In spite of isolation measures of governments to fight the pandemic, educational institutions and leaning platforms offer free online courses and training that will help not only students but also all learners to achieve their educational objectives in different fields. Ibra College of Technology encourages all its staff and students to take advantage of those free online courses and training.

In Educational Technology Center, several staff already completed their online courses and training through different online course providers. We would like to congratulate our first batch of staff who have successfully completed their courses/training in different areas of Information Technology. We are encouraging all other staff to start their online courses and training.

Let us all keep learning, enhance our knowledge and skills and fight the challenges that this pandemic has brought to us.

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