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with inputs from IEEE ICT Student Branch 22/09/2020

Webinar on Smart Grid

The IEEE ICT student branch organized a webinar entitled “Smart Grid” on 20.09.2020 from 03.00 PM to 04.00 PM.

The resource person for the webinar was Dr.Sishaj P.Simon, Assisstant Professor, Dept of EEE, NIT Tiruchirapalli, India. The event was organized by Mr.K.Shamganth, HoS, Eng Dept, Mr. V. Loganathan, Lecturer, Eng Dept, Ms.K.Santoshi, Lecturer, Eng Dept, Mr.P.Ramesh, Lecturer, IT Dept and Mr.Raja Babu, Technician, Eng Dept,

This event is aimed at introducing the advancements in Smart Grid technology. This involves active monitoring of the daily load by the grid. Power can be transferred in either direction, i.e., from utility to customers and vice versa using this technology. The identification of the nature of load used by the customers can also be monitored by using this technology. This enhances the load monitoring capability of the system which eventually helps in economic dispatch. The customers can also supply power to the utility and it can also be adjusted in their electricity bill. He also explained about smart grid project in Oman. The usage of smart meters in the grid plays a vital role in monitoring the grid communication is a highlight in his explanation. Totally 21 participants joined the event which includes 13 staffs and 8 students.

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