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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 26/12/2019

Reviewing and Developing Curriculum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Workshop

A team of faculty members from Engineering – Dr. Sami Al Ghnimi (HOD), Mr. K Shamganth (HOS – Electrical), Dr. Nitin Sonar, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim and Dr. Vivek P K, has participated in one-day Workshop on Reviewing and Developing Curriculum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Technological Colleges in Cooperation with the Industrial and Private Sector at HCT, Muscat on 19th December 2019.

The event was organized by Directorate General of Technological Education, Ministry of Manpower.

The event spanned over three sessions. The first session discussed about the Oman Qualification Framework (OQF), which is to provide consistency in program requirements to provide equivalence of standards in comparison with the respected international institutions of higher education.

The various OQF levels for the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Baccalaureate programs were discussed during this session. The second session was the interaction with the industrial experts from the various prestigious companies in Oman. They emphasized the need of technical and managerial skills necessary for the careers in the design, application, installation, management, operation and/or maintenance of Electrical, Computer, Electronics and Telecom industrial sectors.

They provided very valuable inputs, which industry expects from academic arena to provide the students along with the curriculum. The third session was to convert these suggestions and comments in to practical. The objectives and outcomes for each course were analyzed and reviewed thoroughly by consulting with the industrial experts. All the suggestions were incorporated along with the course objectives. The workshop was really an eye opener to the industrial needs and expectations on our academic programs.

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