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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 18/11/2019

Research Through Student Projects

‘An Initiative of Research Through Student Projects’ - Addressing Industrial needs through student projects: A Collaboration program between Ibra College of Technology (ICT) and Mazoon Electricity Company (MEC).

Yet another achievement for Engineering Department at ICT: Department has presented two student projects to the expert at Mazoon Electricity Company. These projects were pursued and completed under the collaboration with MEC and ICT, to address the challenges at the company.

List of the projects presented at MEC:

  1. IOT based smart energy monitoring and management with a focus on energy bill.
  2. Smart Pre Payed Energy Meter using GSM Module (an extension to the existing analog energy meter).

Date, time and venue of the presentation:

Date: 17-11-2019, Time: 10:30 to 1:30pm, Venue: Meeting Hall, Mazoon electricity company, Ibra.

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