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with inputs from Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 14/11/2019

Training Program on PSTN Modeling and Simulation

As per the recommendation from Employers and Employed Alumni,Engineering department conducted Training programs to fill the knowledge gap of Telecommunication and computer students based on the requirement of community.

PSTN Modeling and Simulation workshop was conducted by Mr.Ibrahim and Mr.Vivek in coordination with the ICT Alumni Ms. Antisar Saleh Khalfan Aljabri invited by the Electrical section OJT coordinator.

This event helped students to acquire knowledge in telecommunication network concepts. ICT Alumni was welcomed by Mr.Ibrahim and she started sharing about her experience at Omantel.She described about the following:

  1. Types of call related to location.
  2. Types of call related to receiver.
  3. How customer can get telephone service?
  4. How the call is done/made?

Then the session is handled by Mr.Ibrahim and Mr.Vivek to describe about the significance of ISDN Trainer kit.They also explained about the four types of ISDN buses:

  • Passive Bus
  • Short passive Bus
  • Extended passive Bus
  • Y passive Bus

Students were also given Experience to design connection, there by acquiring knowledge about various topologies, working with ISDN trainer kit.Vote of thanks was given by Mr.Ibrahim and he wished all Very happy National day. Ms. Antisar Saleh Khalfan Aljabri was appreciated and thanked by an appreciation certificate.The students were told to give their feedback in Moodle or by scanning the QR code.This event was conducted and facilitated by Mr.Ibrahim.

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