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with inputs from Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 01/12/2019

Network Modeling and Simulation

With reference to the recommendations of Employers and Employed Alumni, Engineering department conducted Training programs to fill the knowledge gap of Telecommunication and computer students based on the requirement of community Network Modeling and Simulation workshop was conducted by Mr.Ibrahim & Mr.Vivek.

Around 16 students of Bachelor levels attended this program. This session described about the followings in details:

  1. Significance of OPNET software
  2. Features of Riverbed modeler
  3. Hierarchical architecture of modeling
  4. Graphical user interface and animation
  5. Types of networks, topologies
  6. Object palette features
  7. Choosing of statistics in simulation
  8. Planning of Network design and modeling, Expansion of networks,
  9. Troubleshooting concepts
  10. Simulation and results for improvement planning
  11. Network parameters evaluation using OPNET.

Students were also given Experience to design network using OPNET, there by acquiring knowledge about various topologies, working with Riverbed software. This helped students to acquire knowledge in telecommunication network concepts also. This event was conducted and facilitated by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim.

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