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with inputs from Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 20/11/2019

Community Engagement Program - National Day Celebration at Al-Kamil Power Station

Engineering student’s celebrated 49th national day celebration with the employers of Alkamil power station as a community engagement program on 05-11-19.

The ICT staffs and students were welcomed by Mr. Ali Salim Fadhil Al Maskari. Students were clearly explained about the phenomenon of power plant techniques.

Alkamil Staffs with ICT staffs and Students happily greeted 49th National day wishes to all the people of Oman. Alkamil employers happily participated and appreciated ICT for celebrating the National day event at alkamil power station.

Mr.Humaid Mughairi Head of training Department thanked the administration of ICT and he also explained the strategy for being an employee of power plant to our ICT students. This event was facilitated and organized by Mr.Ibrahim

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