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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 27/09/2019

Industrial Visit Report to OMANTEL Ibra

Students of Advanced Diploma (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering) visited OMANTEL, Ibra on 16th October, 2019 as a part of their Course activity for the courses Telecommunication-II and Data Communication.

This visit enhances the students understanding on the operation of the Cellular network. OMANTEL Engineers Mr.Saeed Al-Habsi, Mr.Ali Al-Busaidi explained the operations of different divisions in OMANTEL. This visit helps the students to understand on the concepts like Transmission, Mobile and Fixed line divisions. Students understand the operation of BTS and the associated units like Transceiver, Power amplifier, Multiplexer, Antenna, Alarm extension system. Students were taken to Microwave section and explained the operation of the unit.

Also the operation of BSC and MSC were explained to the students. The total number of students attended the visit is 28. The students were accompanied by their Course Lecturer Mr. K.Shamganth.

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