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with inputs from Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 14/11/2019

Engineering students Industrial visit to Power Station, Alkamil

Engineering department improves students’ practical skills through Industrial visits. In this connection, the Electrical section OJT coordinator arranged an Industrial visit for Diploma Electrical students to enhance the hands on experience skills in Power plant on Nov 5, 2019 in Alkamil power station.

Industrial visit mainly focused on the followings:

  • 1. Introduction and history of Alkamil power plant
  • 2. Importance of Load dispatch center at Muscat
  • 3. Rules and regulations of Power plant
  • 4. Health and safety Orientation practices
  • 5. Polices of Power plant engineering
  • 6. Site map
  • 7. Fuel oil tank (gas and diesel) principles
  • 8. Working principle of three gas turbines at Alkamil power station
  • 9. About the Natural gas feed from P.D.O
  • 10. Pressure reducing terminal area
  • 11. Transformers working strategy
  • 12. Diesel generator for back up
  • 13. Fire water and raw water system
  • 14. Compressed air system
  • 15. Alternate power support from Mazoon company
  • 16. Dangers gas leakage co2
  • 17. Personal productive equipment’s
  • 18. First aid Measures to the employers
  • 19. Emergency and evacuation system
  • 20. Vehicle movement at site
  • 21. Safety rules highlight
  • 22. Environmental awareness

This visit also covered the wide spectrum of practical knowledge for all participated students (16students) and increased their self-interests towards further study in the Power plant concepts as a self-learner for future development.

In connection to the process of Initiating MoC Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), On 05-11-2019 along with our students industrial visit, a meeting was conducted in Oman fiber optic Company,Muscat with Mr.Humaid,Training Head and Mr. Ali Salim Fadhil Al Maskari.The first MoC draft was submitted to the director and as per request of OJT coordinator the updated draft from Alkamil power station will be send to us soon,Mr.Ibrahim said a Big Thanks to all the employers who supported this visit.He also Requested them to reveal the strategy for the students to be a part in power plant as their future plan.

This Visit was Organized and facilitated by the OJT coordinator Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim.

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