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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 18/11/2019

Specialization Choice Induction Program

Specialization choice induction program for SPRING 2020 was conducted in Main hall on 12/11/2019 for Engineering students.

A total of 92 students attended the program. This program was to inform the students about how to choose from different specializations, course audits, career prospects, different specializations available in ICT and other CTs with levels. This program enabled the students to fill the form and Specialization Allotment Mechanism. Videos were shown about specializations to the students to give more clarity on the topic.

This event was followed by an open discussion and various queries from the students were answered by the staff. The staffs involed in this program were DR HASIN ALAM, MR HAJI ALI ,MR IQBAL,MRS ABHA GUPTA and MR. SUJIT JHA.

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