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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 25/11/2019

HVAC and Building Services study tour at Mohammed Al Ameen Masjid, Muscat

The Department of Engineering has organized a field visit to Mohammed Al Ameen Majid, Muscat for Advanced Diploma of Architecture Students on 11.11.2019.

As a part of the Academic exercise, 18 students of Architectural Engineering specialization from Engineering Department of Ibra College of Technology, has taken to the study tour. The students were taken to the Mohammed Al Ameen Majid to have a detail study on understanding the concept of Architectural design like HVAC, Electrical, plumbing services, boilers and Building Management System (BMS), interior and exterior design and DG room. Mr. Christopher Lobo, Senior Officer – Operations and Marketing and Mr. Majid Mubarak, maintenance supervisor has taken the student for a long tour inside the masjid and explained the concept of HVAC and other services in the design.

In the continuation of our tour, students were taken to the cooler system and Diesel generator room to discover the electrical services, when the power shutdown. Mr. Hariprasad NP, Engineer – O & M has given a detail explanation about the performance of the DG and supply design. The tour has increased the thirst of understanding the working design in a large-scale design among the students. The field study was more informative to the student to study in the aspect of complete design like a conventional construction, design of activities, modern materials selection, color-coding and light arrangement, mechanical ventilation etc.

Two staffs accompanied with 18 Architecture students were Ms. Jainul Arrifa, and Mr. Alfonso Jr.

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