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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 19/02/2020

Ericsson Oman L.L.C, Muscat – Guest Lecture

Industrial link Committee of Engineering department organized a guest lecture workshop on the title “5G- Insights into the future” to the Telecommunication Students for the following courses on 18-2-2020 at EE102.

  1. EETE 4212 Telecommunication networks
  2. EETE 3110 – Signals and systems and
  3. EETE3211 & Telecommunication II

Outcomes discussed:

Apply knowledge of switching, signaling and Intelligence Networks in the design and analysis of telecommunications networks.

Our Honorable Guests Mr. Wahab al Rawahi NDO Team lead,Ericsson[16 years of Experience] and Mr.Vinod Kumar PR Technology Manager, Ericsson[21 years of experience]were welcomed by Mohamed syed Ibrahim and the speakers were given special privilege to share the stage space on the seminar titled “ 5G-Insights into the future” and acted as an eye opener for the students on the dark sides of fifth generation standard of communication. Mr.Vinod Kumar PR Technology Manager, Ericsson sharpened the thoughts of our students with his fantastic presentation & the key topics during the session were highlighted and as follows,

  • Introduction about Ericsson
  • Technology Evolution & Basic 5G concepts
  • World wide subscribers of Ericsson
  • Digital services from 5G Technology
  • Industry Digitization from 5G ( 4th Industrial Evolution)
  • Data Rate of 5G
  • Latency,Efficiency and Reliability of 5G
  • Machine type communication, Critical MTC & Enhanced Broadband MTC Techniques
  • Life time of 5G Ericsson Devices
  • Ultra reliability in Industrial application & control
  • MICRO MIMO and Beam Forming concepts
  • Network slicing technique in 5G
  • Remote car driving, Cruise Boat, Medical field application in 5G
  • 5G Mobility Test
  • Augmented Reality device and its application through a demo from the service provider Verizon (U.S.A)

A great enthusiasm in a wide cross section for the 46 pupils were noticed. It was remarkable that the students have shown their interests as they ask questions to the resource speaker by the initiative of Dr.Sami AL Ghmni. He was honored by an Appreciation certificate and gift.This Event was organized by Mr.Mohamed syed Ibrahim & Mr.Khalid AL Harthy" and facilitated by Mr.Haji Ali and Mr.Babu.

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