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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 12/11/2019

Field Visit to The Chedi Hotel

The Department of Engineering has organized a field visit to The Chedi Hotel, Muscat for Advanced Diploma of Architecture Students on 12.11.2019.

As a part of the Academic exercise, 23 students of Architectural Engineering specialization from Engineering Department of Ibra College of Technology, visited the Hotel. The Purpose of the visit is to gain knowledge in Theme design, Zen architecture concept, water treatment system, ventilation distribution.

In our visit, students were taken to the Chedi Hotel to study how the Architect can be conform to the Theme of the design choice in all the details of construction and decoration, the techniques like cooling and heating system, water treatment plant and HVAC ventilation.

A visit presentation was arranged By the Chief Engineer Mr. Nedder Jose Potot.

Students were technically stormed and they have shown good response in learning new thing in their career. The field study was more informative to the student to study in the aspect of complete design like that type of construction, design of activities, modern materials selection, light arrangement, mechanical ventilation etc... Mr. B. Amar Viplow and Ms. Nawal Dammak accompanied 23 Architecture students. This visit was organized by the Industrial Link Committee through Dr. M Nusrathulla.

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