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with inputs from Mr. Mujeebudheen Khan 17/09/2020

Condition Monitoring of Transformers Using Dissolved Gas Analysis Techniques

The IEEE ICT student branch organized a webinar entitled “Condition Monitoring of Transformers Using Dissolved Gas Analysis Techniques” on 10.09.2020 from 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.

The resource person is Mr.Murali Krishna Boddu, Lecturer, Shinas College of Technology, University of Technology and Applied Sciences. Mr.K.Shamganth, HoS, Eng Dept, Mr. V. Loganathan, Lecturer, Eng Dept, Ms.K.Santoshi, Lecturer, Eng Dept and Mr.Prathapa Raju, Lecturer, Eng Dept, organized the program.

Totally 28 participants joined the event which includes 23 staffs and 5 students. This event is aimed at introducing the advancements in Condition Monitoring of Transformer Using Dissolved Gas Analysis Techniques. It also emphasizes the importance of analyzing various types of gases dissolved in the transformer oil to identify the nature of fault occurred in transformer. This is accomplished by a webinar in which the resource person explained about the types of dissolved gases, life expectancy of the insulator and the chemical composition of the insulators. He also explained about synthetic oils used for insulation of transformers.

The identification of fault through dissolved gas analysis is explained clearly by the resource person during the session. The doubts arisen at that time was cleared at the end of the session by the resource person. The feedback of the students regarding the webinar is also collected and participation certificate was given to the participants who attended the program.

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