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with inputs from Mujeebudheen Khan 20/09/2020

Webinar on Automotive Safety Technologies

The Department of Engineering organized a webinar entitled “Automotive Safety Technologies” on 17.09.2020 from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM.

The resource person is Dr. Rajesh Ravi, Assistant Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering, Dilla University, Ethiopia. Mr. Mohammed Saad Syed, HoS, Engg Dept, Mr. S. Janakiraman, Lecturer, Engg Dept, Mr Chethan Godlumane Ramesh, Lecturer, Engg Dept and Dr. Sivakumar Gopala Krishnan, Lecturer, Engg Dept, organized the program.

Totally 30 participants joined the event which includes both staffs and students. Dr. Sivakumar Gopala Krishnan, Lecturer, Engg Dept, welcomed the Speaker by introducing his profile to the participants.

The speaker Dr. Rajesh Ravi, presented his topic of presentation briefing about the different types of safety features incorporated in the automobiles. He highlighted the accidental avoidances w.r.t human, environment and vehicle and also about the mitigation of injuries during and after the accident. With many real scenario images of accidents, he explained the importance of usage of different types of safety measures that presently with automobiles. Like wearing of seat belt, seat belt alert, working of airbags, energy absorbing steering column, ABS system and Electronic stability control features.

He also shared his knowledge with the current ongoing research w.r.t Automobile Safety Technologies. Predictive emergency braking system topic in his presentation made participants more interesting as they put forward few questionnaires and which was successfully addressed by speaker at the end of session.

Finally vote of thanks was presented by Mr Chethan Godlumane Ramesh, Lecturer, Engg Dept, who took an opportunity to than Dean & Assistant Dean of Academics, University of Technology and Applied Science, Ibra College of Technology and also HOD & HOS Engg Dept, Ibra College of Technology. The feedback of the event was collected from the participation after the webinar.

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