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with inputs from Dr. Donald V. Domalaon and Dr. Rolando Orig Gan Jr. 10/12/2019

3rd Departmental Meeting

The English Language Centre conducted its third departmental meeting for Semester 1, AY 2019-2020.

Dr. Thuraya Al-Riyami, Head of Center, started the meeting by welcoming the new teacher Firos Kalarikkal and the returning teachers, Dr. Laila Obaid Al-Hajri and William Turner. It was followed by the approval of the previous minutes of the meeting and the discussion of the new agenda, namely: Staff Profile, GFP Audit, Updating Students' Status, Exam Invigilation, and Exam Marking.

The HoC reminded the staff to update their profiles in terms of qualifications and trainings. She reiterated that the research publication is a must for all teachers. Additionally, she informed the body that the General Foundation Program (GFP) Audit will be from March 15th -19th , 2020, thus everyone is encouraged to read and assimilate all emails circulated by the center. Meanwhile, an awareness program on this audit will be conducted on the 11th of this month at the Higher College of Technology where 19 delegates will attend the program and cascade the audit activities to its stakeholders.

Further, Dr. Thuraya discussed the importance of updating the students’ status by the teachers for the center to project an accurate data on progression and retention rates. Finally, the HoC requested the staff to read the Exam Invigilation and Exam Marking procedures for them to familiarize the provisions and implement them properly.

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