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with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 04/12/2019

Omanisation Lecture

On Monday, 12-Dec-2019, the coorperation was made between the Business Studies Department of the Ibra College of Technology , and Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Hamad Al-Busaidi, Head of the Employment and Guidance Department of the Manpower Directorate in North AlSharqiya governorate, to give a lecture to the students about (Employment and Omanization).

The lecture activities started at 12:00PM in the BS111 Hall by presenting the main topics of the lecture, including: The first topic was the employment of the national workforce by conducting a process of harmonization between the qualifications of the job seeker and the available job opportunities, whether these opportunities are in the government sector Or in the private sector.

The second topic was the national manpower record. In this register, all Omani job seekers' data are recorded, as well as the data of the Omani employees, as it is a unified database for the Ministry of Manpower. The third topic was labor care. The discussion mentioned that there must be an employment contract for the employee to be able to obtain labor care, and labor care carries out several tasks, the most important of which is implementing awareness programs for employees to learn about their rights, and is also interested in receiving complaints and labor disputes.

The fourth part was numbers and proportions of the workforce. Here comes the most important points of the lecture, namely knowledge of the percentage of Omanisation, as this percentage varies annually and sometimes semi-annually and differs from one sector to another and this percentage depends on the outputs of Omani universities, for example, the percentage of Omanisation in the tourism sector is 80%. Fifth part was facilitating temporary (partial) work procedures. This contract can be performed by the student in his spare time in order to have practical experience, and the student can register his data on the Ministry of Manpower's website on the item of the work contract for some time.

Then the lecture ended with showing some creative questions from our dear students and discussing these questions with the lecturer.

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