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with inputs from Ms. Preeti Bhaskar 30/01/2020

Strategic Plan- 2019-2024 Awareness Program

To ensure the achievement of the deliverables of the newly approved Strategic Plan 2019-2024, the Business Department IQAC in coordination with QA Department conducted an awareness program to the staff members on 23rd January, 2020 in BS112 at 2PM.

The new Strategic Plan has been implemented effective Semester 1 of the current academic year 2019-2020.

Dr. Ghadna Al Maskari, Head QA department presented the new strategic plan with a quote stated by Stephen.R.Corey emphasizing the alignment of all department’s action plans in particular with the new strategic plan of ICT in general. The staff were encouraged to contribute to the successful implementation and realization of the plan. The following elements were highlighted during the presentation.

  • Meaning of Strategic Plan
  • Vision Mission statement
  • Values
  • Graduate Attributes
  • Goals
  • Strategic Plan elements
  • The planning hierarchy of Strategic Plan
  • Strategic Planning process
  • Formulation of Strategic Plan
  • Inputs – Review of Strategic Plan achievement 2013
  • Strategic Plan preparation committees
  • Strategic Plan implementation at ICT
  • Key Performance Indicators and plan milestone
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