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with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 12/11/2019 (Updated: 13/11/2019)

Omani Women’s Day Celebration

“Omani Women’s Day” was organized and celebrated by Business Departmental Society in association with Department of Business Studies and Student Affairs of Ibra college of Technology on 17th of October 2019.

Dr. Fatma Nasser Al-Harthy (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs) organized “Wathaba Company” to showcase its activities and entertain the audiences with various events. This motivated the Omani female students to excel in their aspiration.

As part of the celebration, Ms. Sheika Nasser Alghadani offered free henna services to students and staff. In addition, Ms. Maylyn N. Batista exhibited her handmade woolen products like dolls, dresses etc.

It was a celebration, which emphasized on female student and staff participation in various events during the day. The participants were appreciated with the token of love and affection for the heartwarming participation and making this event a grand success.

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