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with inputs from Mr. Nawaz Khan 13/11/2019

Health and Safety Awareness

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety is a key to enhance the productivity in any institution. Considering the fact the Health and Safety Team of Business Department has organized an exhibition regarding Health and Safety Awareness on November 6, 2019, Wednesday in the lobby of Business building between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon.

The exhibition portrayed different domains of health and safety viz. ICT Health and Safety Policy, Organizational structure, Types of fire and extinguishers, Emergency evacuation and procedures, First Aid treatment and Handling electrical hazards. Ms. Ruqayya, nurse from College Clinic has explained ‘when and how to use first aid box’ with the students and staff. More than 40 students and 28 staff of Business building have visited the exhibition and enriched their knowledge on Health and Safety.

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