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with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 13/11/2019

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Workshop on Entrepreneurship to enhance Creative and Innovative Ideas, Inventions, Intellectual Property rights and many more.

We at |IBRA College of Technology (ICT) strongly believe that the path to entrepreneurial success is long, winding and spread with difficulties, problems and blind turns. The risks of starting a new business are high, as proved by the high failure rates for new ventures. However, as is always the case, the rewards, both financial and personal, are appropriate with the risk that is involved.

So, looking into these challenges, ICT conducted a workshop on Oct-21-2019 in the College Main Hall for the students which helped to understand the process, challenges, risks and rewards of starting up a new venture, while sharing few vital live examples of successful entrepreneurs. Students also were made to understand how to start their own business and improve their chances of survival and growth and create a competitive edge.

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