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with inputs from Administration 06/11/2019

ICT Graduation Ceremony 2019

Ibra College of Technology celebrated the graduation of 673 students in diploma, higher diploma and bachelor’s degree in the fields of engineering, business studies and information technology. The event was held under the patronage of H E Sheikh Khalifa Ali Al-Harthi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Affairs. Also present at the ceremony were H E Dr Muna Salim Al-Jardani, Undersecretary for Technological Education and Vocational Training in the Ministry of Manpower, a number of members of the State Council, Majlis A’Shura, directors general, directors of governmental and private institutions, teaching staff at Ibra College of Technology and parents of graduates. The ceremony was held at the college outdoor theatre.

In this batch, there were 413 graduates from Engineering Department (223 Male,190 Female), 131 graduates from Business Department (40Male,91 Female) and 129 graduates from Information Technology Department (9 Male, 120 Female) The graduation ceremony started with a recitation of the Holy Quran. Then Dr. Azza Ahmed Al-Maskari, Dean of the College, delivered a speech in which she said after welcoming the sponsor and attendees:” Ibra College of Technology is working with all its knowledge and academic and administrative cadres most interested in graduating batches at the highest level of effectiveness after it began to implement its new strategic plan, which aims to promote the student's innovative and pioneering thought. This happy evening reflects the painstaking efforts to provide a balanced university personality between the academic thought and the importance of the human role in carrying the message of national construction”.

The Dean continued her speech by addressing the graduates by saying: “This great edifice is happy and proud to reach the graduation platform after a stage of effort and diligence, We congratulate you on this achievement”. Later, Aseel Hamad Muhanna Al Busaidi, a graduate of the Engineering Department, delivered a speech in which he said:” It is a great honor to stand this evening and with the feelings of joy overwhelm, to convey to you the voice of my fellow alumni, the voice of those who dreamed of this great moment, the voice of those who gave their energies to reach the day of the harvest, those who are now waiting for close calls which will give them the joy of their patience in those days, and the results of the difficult moments in order to reach this very moment .. (the moment of graduation) ”.

The graduate Hamad Hamoud Saif Al-Shethani, a graduate of the Engineering Department, says, "The day of graduation is an indescribable joy not only because it was the end of a march crowned with effort, diligence and perseverance, but it is a starting point for a future that we see as bright to serve our homeland Oman, and that we work to add the benefit with every challenge and Dedication until we see Oman rise to the highest rank among countries". Afrah Bani Orabah, a graduate of the Information Technology Department, says, "I dedicate my graduation today to my family and to those who supported me in the journey of education during my school years, this day is considered a real addition to my working life, so by obtaining this qualification I will be able to contribute to advancing development and construction in my dear country, Oman." And I thank all the professors who have had the credit after God Almighty for taking the graduation stage today and sincerely thank my family who supported me and stood with me at all times”.

It is worth noting that the Ibra College of Technology seeks within its strategic plan to raise the level of education and outputs, and in order to achieve this goal, the college signed several cooperation agreements with other higher education institutions and private sector institutions, and an entrepreneurship unit was established that aims to support and encourage students and graduates to establish their projects and companies and enhance their ideas in the field of entrepreneurship. This unit had an impact on the establishment of projects and student companies, where more than twenty student companies have been established and there are indications indicating the increase of these companies and the establishment of projects, and in terms of community service, the college is setting a program to spread information awareness to the local community through the establishment of training courses and student forums for school students, and the college is working to intensify these courses because of its success in previous experiences.


Batch 2019 Graduates 07/11/2019
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ICT Graduation Ceremony 2019 05/11/2019
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