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With inputs from OJT Department/Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 11/04/2019

OJT Department Benchmarking with Nizwa College of Applied Science

Experts from Nizwa College of Applied Science had initiated benchmarking process with on the job training department of ICT on 10-4-2019 at the conference area of Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Fatma Nasser Al-Harthy.

The members present were:

  • Dr. Fatma Al Harthy,Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, ICT
  • Ms. Aida AL Sabti, HoD OJT, ICT
  • Mr. Sanjiv Sharma, IT-OJT Coordinator, ICT
  • Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, Engineering-OJT Coordinator, ICT
  • Dr. Anil Kumar, Business-OJT Coordinator, ICT
  • Mr. Mahmood Hamed Al Kindi – Specialist, Computer Software, CAS-Nizwa
  • Mr. Salim Ali Al Sulaimani – OJT Staff, CAS-Nizwa
  • Mr. Khalid Ahmed Ambusaidi - IT Staff, CAS-Nizwa

Benchmarking session was initiated with Welcome speech by Dr. Fatma AL Harthy,ICT Assistant dean of student affairs & Ms. Aida AL Sabti, HoD OJT, ICT and a short introduction by Mr. Salim Ali Al Sulaimani NCAS- Staff OJT, Mr.Khalid Ahmed Ambusaidi - Staff IT followed by Mr. Mahmood Hamed Al Kindi – Specialist,Computer Software. NCAS Staff’s participation on the deliberation of the best practices of ICT- OJT department was well cherished.

After 20 min refreshment the session again started with intro of Academic department’s OJT coordinators by Dr.Fatma Al Harthy. It was fascinating to know from Mr.Khalid Ahmed Ambusaidi that a six weeks On the Job training was made mandatory for the students of Nizwa college of Applied Science since 2017.NCAS Staff delineated the complications to spot new companies for OJT scholar’s placement, also they believed that this gathering will procure an accurate and deep understanding of training formulae.

Ms.Aida AL Sabti extended her thanks to Nizwa’s and presented slides on the following in detail:

Organization chart of OJT department - She had proudly mentioned OJT department as fourth department in student’s affairs. In continuation to that, Roles and Responsibilities of HoD, OJT and OJT coordinators were highlighted. Mr. Salim Ali Al Sulaimani – OJT Staff recounted the responsible hierarchy [Admin staff] of training at Nizwa college of Applied Science.

Structure of OJT - The concerns on the Industrial Link Program including the practical training program (OJT) for the academic departments of ICT were picturized. Mr. Mahmood Hamed Al Kindi – Specialist,Computer Software outlined the specializations proposed in NCAS viz..Design,Mass Communication [ IT] and International Business administration

Goal, Significance and Duration of OJT - She prefixed ICT enragement in training and introducing the students to the real work environment by implementing theory and principles learned in classes in an industrial environment. She emphasized mandatory attendance of 8 weeks or 300 hours during OJT period in the company at ICT.

OJT Online registration - Mr.Ibrahim briefed the significance of Online registration which also includes the preprojection module and the collaboration of OJT department with Academic departments. He also gives an account of the mode of OJT orientation program declaration to the scholars, part of academic advisor and the significance of Preprojection module. In extension to the above Ms.Lyn had displayed a demo which depicts the way how a student carry out Online registration, Online activities, Feedback and Presentation schedule booking. Dr.Anil hint at the importance of choices and the company database collection in ICT. Mr.Sanjiv, Mr.Ibrahim and Dr.Anil spell out the duty of coordinator and Assessor in ICT system, as well the significance of approval status.

They also stated the way how a student can add on his day-to-day activities, and how it could be verified/confirmed by Company supervior. Ms.Lyn explained the role of unique Industry supervisor Username and password. Mr.Ibrahim depicted the significance of students and supervisor’s feedback module. He also appended the part of improvement plan that the academic department’s approach after analysis.

Mr.Sanjiv mentioned the bilingual format applied in Feedback forms. Ms.Aida Al Sabti proposed the online system for NCAS. Mr.Khalid Ahmed Ambusaidi - Staff, IT validated few key points he had noted with ICT team to develop online system. He also narrated the complications in extracting the ICT details from CIMS system. NCAS Staff members appreciated ICT college administration for successfully implementing this OJT On line system. Ms.Aida al Sabti notified the significance of OJT training plan. In connection to this she briefly narrated the happenings of DeSOT 2015, DeSOT 2017 and OJT summit. Industry gathering by ICT was well appreciated. Mr.Ibrahim added the flavours how these gatherings were used to evolve the curriculum at ICT. Events and collections of all industry gatherings viz. DeSOT 2015, DeSOT 2017 and OJT Summit were explained in detail.

NCAS staff were curious to know about the ICT scholars implication and fortitude in entering their everyday training activities in CIMS too. They also appreciated OJT Staff for stimulating and guiding them. In relation to this Allowance, Insurance were also discussed. Trainees OJT presentation and report templates were displayed.

Ms.Aida al Sabti added that the OJT department is interested to provide support and finally she expressed her gratitude and encouraged all the involved Staff members by her motivational words.

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