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Department of Information Technology with inputs from IT Staff Development Committee 30/10/2018

Workshop on Policy Review

The IT Staff Development Committee in cooperation with Internal Quality Assurance Committee – Policy Management (IQAC – PM) as directed by Quality Assurance Office conducted a workshop on Policy Review last 9th October, 2018 facilitated by Ms. Mallika Banu – ICT, IT Lecturer.

The workshop has been an essential and effective measure not just in disseminating awareness of College Policies to IT Staff, but also in gathering feedback and suggestions on College Policies from IT Staff. The workshop has been attended to by 47 IT Staff members. During the workshop, each IT staff member complied in the requirement of reviewing eight (8) college policies as follows:

  • College Meeting Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Policy on College Car Usage during Official Business Leave
  • Student Admission and Registration Policy
  • Record Keeping Policy
  • Record Management Forms
  • Student Placement Policy
  • Planning Mechanism

At the end of the workshop, suggestions like policy modifications and addendums were submitted by each IT staff member. All the suggestions made were collected and compiled by ITQAC – PM and was submitted to College Policy Management Committee.

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