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Department of Information Technology with inputs from Mr. Kumar Kaliyamoorthy 06/11/2018

Induction Program for New Intake Diploma 1st Year Students

The Student Guidance Committee of IT department conducted the “Induction Program for new intake Diploma 1st year students” on 25-9-2018 (Tuesday) in AD306 from 12 pm to 2 pm.

The speakers of this program were Asila Al-Harmali and Mohammed Tariq Shaikh. This program helped students to understand the following topics: Specializations with Program Structure Chart, Type of Courses, Grading Systems, GPA Calculation, OJT, Grade Improvement, Plagiarism in submitting the assignments/projects, IT Job Opportunities, Policy Awareness Program for IT students(Student Discipline, Student Appeal, Student Feedback, Student Grievance),Help Centre(IT & Math),QR Code, Probation Cases and the effect of probation, Academic Advisor, rules during Examination, CIMS e-Services, Time-table, Attendance, Transcript and other reports from CIMS.

There were a total of 20 students present in this program.

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