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Department of Engineering with inputs from Mr. Basil Blasco 10/10/2018

Engineering Student Gathering

At the start of AY 2018-2019, the Department conducted the first engineering student gathering held on October 3, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. This activity is an opportunity for senior students to share their learning experiences to other students especially those in Diploma level.

The event is an opportunity for Advanced Diploma and B. Tech. level students to showcase their experiences in different aspects related to - how to choose specialization, the advising and registration process, different policies and ways on how to make OJT successful.

Also members of the ICT-IEEE Student Chapter and the Oman Society of Engineers explained the benefits of joining the organization. Professional Team student members elaborated the training programs they have undergone and external competitions they have participated and the benefits of joining the team. The student gathering was an avenue for the students to discuss the benefits, process, and opportunities offered in the department.

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