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Department of Engineering with inputs from Mr. Basil B. Blasco 20/02/2019

Plant Visit In ENGIE STOMO

Eight students in Mechanical Engineering - B. Tech level visited the company - ENGIE STOMO, Muscat accompanied by Mr. S. Janakiraman, lecturer in Mechanical Engineering on February 13, 2019.

During the plant visit, the students were given an orientation regarding safety rules of the company. The Plant Engineer, Mr. Ali Adil Al Shuhaibi explained about power production and transmission, understanding current market scenarios and latest technology of the gas turbines power plants. Technical Supervisors explained about the dynamics of various mechanical components such as; compressor, gas turbine, firing chamber, air and water cooling systems and the fuel supply systems.

Engie Stomo is the largest provider of operation and maintenance services in the Sultanate of Oman with a net installed capacity of approximately 3,890 MW of electricity and a net capacity of 270,000 m3 per day of potable water.

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