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Department of Engineering with inputs from Ms. Aileen V. Rocillo 06/11/2019

Electrical and Electronics Measuring Instruments and Equipment Workshop

Instrumentation and measurement are two important learning areas for all Engineering students. In addition to the knowledge they acquired in the classroom, the Department of Engineering organized two workshops to enhance the students’ skills on the different measuring instruments and equipment used in Electronics and Electrical laboratories.

The two-day workshop conducted on October 23rd and 30th, 2018 provides training on how to handle various equipment and instruments in Electrical and Electronics Laboratories like digital multi-meter, LCR meter, regulated variable DC power supply and CRO.

The Department highly appreciates the workshop facilitators Mr. Mohammed Gulam Wahid, Mr. Babu Natarasan, Mr. Vineeth V.V., Mr. Jayaprakasan and Mr. Sreekanth.

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