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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 11/02/2019

Industrial Visit to Sohar Aluminum

Twenty-one students of Advanced Diploma Mechanical Engineering accompanied by Mr. Mohankumar and Mr. Vickneshkumar, lecturers in Mechanical Section visited Sohar Aluminum on February 3, 2019. The company is extracting pure aluminum by electrolytic process and making aluminum blocks to customers in Oman.

The head of the health of safety department explained the safety rules to be followed inside the factory. Mr. Saif Suleiman Al Adhoobi, an alumnus of the College and currently working as an engineer in the Reduction Department guided the students and explained the process of extracting aluminum from its ore bauxite. The group also had the chance to see modern equipment like the gantry cranes and the anode used in the electrolytic process.

This visit was organized by the Industrial Link Committee through Dr. M Nusrathulla & Mr. Syed Mohammed Ibrahim.

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