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Department of Engineering with inputs from Ms. Aileen V. Rocillo 13/05/2019

Benchmarking between Engineering Department of Ibra College of Technology and Nizwa College of Technology

Benchmarking activity was initiated between the Engineering Department of Ibra College of Technology (ICT) and Nizwa College of Technology (NCT) on May 5th, 2019 at EE 101.

Benchmarking team was formed and composed of the heads and selected staff member of the Engineering department of the two colleges.

Ibra College of Technology Nizwa College of Technology
Dr. Sami Ghnimi, HoD Dr. Saravanan P, Hos-Mechanical Section
Mr. Shamganth K, HoS-Electrical and Electronics Dr. Ben Sujin, HoS-Electrical and Electronics Section
Mr. Syed Mohammad Saad, HoS-Mechanical Section Dr. Sabareesan K
Dr. Nitin Sonar, QAC-Engineering Mr. Thyagarajan
Dr. Srinivas G. Mr. Muthukumar
Dr. Amarawadi Ramakrishna Mr. Bhanukiran K
Dr. Praveen N Mr. Ramesh V
Mr. Mohan Kumar K Mr. Saravana K.
Ms. Syed Amma Sheikh

During the meeting, the following areas for benchmarking were identified and discussed:

  1. Planning procedures, monitoring
  2. Planning and assessments of student’s project
  3. Sharing of best practices in student centered learning.
  4. Effective implementation of Plagiarism Policy
  5. Mitigation of problems related to students under probation.
  6. Allocation of specialization for students.
  7. Best practices in maintaining course files
  8. Student retention and progression

Such benchmarks serve as tool for both institutions to help identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement. It is a rewarding activity that each shared the best practices which they can adapt to achieve better performance.

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