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Department of Engineering with inputs from Mr. Basil B. Blasco 27/03/2019

Advanced Training on CNC

The Mechanical Engineering CNC lab is equipped with automated machines - Computer Numerical Control. As an add-on training for students in their higher level of studies, the Department has conducted training on EMCO CONCEPT TURN 250 and CNC PROGRAMMING ON FANUC CONTROL on 12th and 19th March 2019.

The training program mainly focused to give advanced training in programming skills and to understand all machining cycles. Likewise, the training focused to give practice for our students to improve their understanding on function of G codes and M codes and machining cycles. This workshop covered wide spectrum of programming knowledge on Fanuc control.

CNC machine is capable to produce component parts with precise specifications from a material following a computer program instruction. This machine is a major advance in machining using Computer Aided Design software. Functions called G codes, are used to determine the geometry of tool movements and operating state of the machine controller; functions such as linear cutting movements, drilling operations and specifying the units of measurement.

Functions called M codes, are used by the CNC to command on/off signals to the machine functions. FANUC (Fuji Automatic NUmerical Control) is one of the largest makers of industrial robots in the world; part of Fujitsu developing early numerical control (NC) and servo systems.

The training was participated in by Mechanical engineering students from different levels; and was presented Mr. Yaqoub Khalid Al Nafie and Mr. S. Vidhukumar.

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