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with inputs from Mr. Amit Kr. Ghosh/Mr. Eric C. Campano 04/02/2019

ETC Lab in-charge attend Installation and Use of Electronic Whiteboard Workshop

As part of staff development activities, the Educational Technology Center (ETC) Staff Development and Staff Support Committee (SDSSC) has initiated a workshop on Interactive Electronic Whiteboard, which was facilitated by Mr. Narciso P. Sala Jr. and Mr. Praveen Puttaswamy.

The workshop was conducted on 4th February 2019 at EL118.

The main objective of the workshop was to guide all lab in-charge on the installation procedures, how to resolve issues, and how to assist teaching staff in using the electronic whiteboards that are installed in the college.

Knowing the power of electronic whiteboard as an important tool of interactive learning and teaching, it will help the presentation of lectures and discussions to become lively and enthusiastic.

Mr. Erick C. Campano, the Staff Development Team Coordinator talked about the importance of the workshop and introduced the facilitators.

The workshop was divided into two sessions, the installation part and the procedures on how to use and control the electronic board. Mr. Narciso demonstrated the step by step installation procedure of electronic whiteboards with consideration on various models and brands that the college has. Then Mr. Praveen explained the major features of electronic board and how to use them such as proper alignment procedure, spotlight, screenshots, magnifier, media content, screen shade and others.

Hands-on experience was also provided by the facilitator, this way the workshop proves to be helpful and useful for the participants.

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