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English Language Centre with inputs from Mr. C. Kodhandaraman 13/02/2019

ELC (IQAC) Reviews the Spot Audit Checklists

In accordance with the proposed English Language Center (ELC) Operational Plan 2018-2019, the Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) spearheaded the review of the Spot Audit Checklists conducted in ELC 111 on February 9, 2019.

Led by Dr. Donald V. Domalaon, Acting IQAC Coordinator, the objective of the activity was to appraise the documents prepared by no less than the select ELC internal auditors, namely: Ms. Flordeliza, Mr. Chinthana, Dr. Ronnie, Dr. Selwyn, Mr. Fazil, Mr. Asad, Ms. Mercelinda, Ms. Gladys, Ms. Fatima and Ms. Maria P. These documents will be utilized in the forthcoming center audit aimed at monitoring the implementation of the various center activities based on the College Policies.

Eleven ELC experts were nominated to review the documents, namely: Mr. Josekutty, Dr. Selwyn, Ms. Golda, Dr. CK, Mr. Sherwin, Dr. Donald, Ms. Manju, Ms., Gladys, Ms. Latha, Mr. Melwyn and Mr. Biju. Meanwhile, the auditors will revise the checklists based on the suggestions of the reviewers.

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