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Department of Business Studies with inputs from Mr. Nawaz Khan 08/04/2019

Senior Project Evaluation in Nizwa College of Technology

Ms. Turkiya Nasser Al-Busaidi, the Head of Department of Business Studies, Nizwa College of Technology requested Dr. Habiba Al-Mughairi, the Head of the Department of Business Studies, Ibra College of Technology to send a staff as an external examiner to evaluate the graduation projects in Accounting specialization.

By accepting the request, the Head of the Department of Business Studies sent Mr. Nawaz Khan on March 25, 2019 to Nizwa College of Technology.

Mr. Nawaz Khan evaluated four group of students’ graduation projects and presentations during viva-voce along with Dr. Lenin Kumar Nooney, Lecturer – Accounting, Nizwa College of Technology. The areas covered by the projects were Comparative Financial Analysis, application of IFRS, etc.

This experience benefitted in exploring the best practices followed in Nizwa College of Technology.

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