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Department of Business Studies with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 20/03/2019

ICT Innovatia 2019

In the history of the Department of Business Studies of Ibra College of Technology, an intercollegiate meet, dubbed as ICT INNOVATIA 2019 was held on March 20, 2019 which was participated in by 7 Colleges/Universities in the country.

ICT INNOVATIA 2019, a festival showcasing management skills, critical thinking, games, fun and more came to a scintillating end with Nizwa College of Technology participants bagging most of the prizes.

ICT INNOVATIA 2019 consisted of competitions related to management concepts, theories and practices related to the areas of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Financial Management. The 4 competitions were; Business Talk, Sketch a Story, Research Mind and Business Quiz.

Business Talk had the main objective of evaluating the knowledge of participant about specific topic and how he/she reacts at the time while speaking and how quickly the brain process on the given topic. Sketch a Story aimed to test the imaginative and creative skills of the participants to transform a theme based story into a sketch. In the Research Mind competition, a research problem was given to the participants and they were asked to design a suitable scientific methodology to carry out such research work. This was a test on their research skills. The Business Quiz aimed to evaluate participants’ general knowledge as well as specific knowledge in the core areas of management (Marketing, HRM, and Accounting & Finance). There were 2 rounds, elimination and final round. The top five colleges in the Elimination Round (Nizwa College of Technology, Ibra College of Technology, Middle East College, Ibri College of Technology and Shinas College of Technology) advanced to the Final Round. In the final round there were 3 levels of questions, namely; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Except for the Business Talk, the competitions were in group of three students.

Registration took place from 8:30AM to 10:00AM in the College Main Hall followed by the opening program. The opening program started with the National Anthem and Holy Quoran Recitation. Dr. Fatma Al-Harthy, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs gave the welcome address followed by the Events Briefing by Dr. G. Ramesh, HoS, Accounting and Finance. Participants were brought by the respective coordinators to the venue of the competitions.

The following emerged as winners in the different competitions:

Business Quiz:

  1. Ibra College of Technology
  2. Shinas College of Technology
  3. Nizwa College of Technology

Business Talk

  1. Middle East College
  2. Ibri College of Technology
  3. Nizwa College of Technology

Research Mind

  1. Nizwa College of Technology
  2. Oman College of Health and Sciences
  3. Ibra College of Technology

Sketch a Story

  1. Nizwa College of Technology
  2. Middle East College
  3. Ibra College of Technology

After the competitions, all the participants, guests and staff gathered in the Main Hall for the closing program. Dr. Azzah Ahmed Said Al-Maskari, College Dean extended her felicitations to the winners and thanked all the participating schools. This was followed by the awarding of prizes by the College Dean assisted by Dr. Habiba Al-Mughairi, Head of Department, Business Studies. ICT INNOVATIA 2019 culminated with the word of thanks by Dr. Habiba Al-Mughairi. She expressed her sincerest gratitude to each and every one, who in one way or another contributed to the resounding success of the event. Special thanks went to the participating colleges/universities which without their presence, the affair would not have been a successful one. Also to Dr. G. Ramesh, HoS, Accounting and Finance, who was the leading the event.

Other administrators like Dr. Mohammed Al-Mamari, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Ms. Faiza Rashid Ammar Al-Harthy Head of Department, IT, also graced the occasion. The day was a remarkable victory in the history of ICT Business department.

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