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Department of Business Studies with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 15/10/2018

Induction Program to New Students

The Department of Business Studies conducted New Student Induction programe on 27th September 2018 at 8.30 am in BS112. Dr. Fatma Al Harthi, HOD of Business Studies, welcomed the new students to the department. She enlightened the students on department structure, programs, rules and regulations, advising, College Vision, Mission, Values and Graduate Attributes.

Dr. Habiba Al Mughairy explained the opportunities available related to research awards, enlightened the students on Research and Development activities and programs in the department. Mr. Majid Suleiman Al-Mehrezi, Head of Library Services section, enlightened the students about the library management system and motivated the students for the usage of library.

Ms. Raya Al Siyabi, the clinic staff enlightened the students about how to take care of their health and the safety precautions to follow when there is an emergency.

Student support and counselling services staff Mrs Sheikha Al Harthy guided the students on the rules and regulations and about the student policies.

Mr. Abdullah Thanseer (Department Registrar), explained the rules related to registration, Probation status, requirements to move to next level and regulations to be followed in the college.

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