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Department of Business Studies with inputs from Ms. Padma Losani Dayalan 09/04/2019

Guest Lecture – Management Accounting II

To enhance the knowledge on graphical method of solving linear programming problems Dr.Davis, HoS of IT Mathematics was invited to share his expertise in this area with 17 bachelor level accounting students studying management accounting II course on 20th March 2019.

Ms. Nasra student of Bachelor accounting welcomed the guest speaker to the session. The session focused on the use of the modern technology tools in the decision making process of the management.

The session also highlighted on alternative use of linear programming techniques in many ways like the selection of investment portfolio of shares, bonds, etc. so as to maximize return on investment in the organization. The resource person also explained the importance of linear programming model.

Students clarified their doubts at the end of the session. Ms. Faiza made a vote of thanks on behalf of the student community. As a honor of his contribution, Certificate of appreciation was presented to him by Dr.Habiba Al Mughairy (HOD, Business).

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