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with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio 25/11/2018

ICT Celebrates 48th Glorious National Day

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Ibra College of Technology, together with its staff and students proudly celebrate Oman’s 48th National Day by giving a one-day tribute to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and to the people of Oman.

Headed by the College Administration, the celebration was held on 25th of November 2018 where in, staff and students gathered at the main entrance lobby to express warm joyful greetings to everyone on the occasion of the national day. A generous Omani breakfast was served for all the attendees after the opening ceremony.

Students from three departments showcased different memorabilia highlighting Oman’s culture and heritage. The exhibits were placed in the entrance of each building welcoming the staff, students and guests. The Students Society of Art displayed their items such as Omani traditional dress, Oman’s National food, and other items from different localities showcasing the rich Omani culture.

A parade was conducted in the afternoon where in students joyfully chanted their full support to His Majesty. Students riding in their horses were also included in the parade.

The effort for the preparation for the National Day celebration was spearheaded by the Office of the Students Affairs and the Student Advisory Council. They encouraged the students to be part of the activity and gain more understanding about the rich culture and history of Oman and patriotism as well.

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