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By: Department of Engineering with inputs from Ms. Aileen Velasco Rocillo Posted: 28/09/2017

Staff Development Program on Flipped Classroom Best Practices

Flipped classroom is a growing trend now in the educational system to ensure that students will be equipped with the best knowledge they need to succeed.

The Staff Development Program co-chaired by Mr. Prathap Raju organized an activity where staff can share their experiences and best practices on how they flipped their classroom. It was held on September 28, 2017 at EE 101.

The program started by Mr. Shamganth, HOS Electrical Section with the introduction of “flipped classroom” activities happening across the universities and colleges and its importance in teaching and learning process.

Then staff were grouped to discuss their experiences on how they integrate the flipped classroom in their courses. As teachers, the flipped classroom will allow us to be more hands on and to love more our vocation …..Teaching the future Engineers of Oman.

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